NZCBA Festival

NZCBA has been running a national festival since its inception in 1988. The objective has been to provide a quality playing opportunity for concert bands, provide feedback in the form of adjudication with an award of Bronze, Silver or Gold, and the chance for education and socialising to occur within the band community.

NZCBA Festival 2020  Napier

It is with immense regret that we announce the cancellation of Festival 2020 Napier August 7-9.

The likelihood of bands being able to prepare for this event is significantly reduced, and without knowing how the future looks, we felt if best to let communities get on with the coming months without the pressure of Festival.

The Festival has run every year since 1988 and will happen again in 2021 in Napier. Our hosts, Napier Technical Memorial Band, very much want to see you all for Festival 2021!

Past Festivals