All Comers Band

This is NZCBA’s newest initiative!! In 2022, we acknowledged many people in NZ couldn’t play with a band for many reasons: too far from home, already busy when a local band rehearsed, too exhausted to dedicate to regular rehearsals, live in a rural or remote area, no band nearby etc.

All Comers Band is for you! Anyone is welcome but you’ll need to be available on the Friday evening of Festival to attend the only rehearsal and you should be able to manage grade 3.5 to grade 4 wind band music. You’ll need to be at least grade 5 in exams as a guideline. This band will be adjudicated as any other band is, and members are encouraged to attend Festival as any other player would. Registration fee is the same as for other bands: $30pp.

Music will be available to download at least four weeks before the event and must be ‘performance ready’ for the rehearsal. All musicians must arrive with their own copies printed. Originals will be held but not handed out.

REGISTER HERE: All Comers Registration Form

2023 Schedule at the Festival Venue: Westlake Girls High School
  • Rehearsal: Friday August 4 from 6:30-10pm
    • Please bring any food or drink you’ll need. We will take a half hour break but it won’t be long enough to go out.
    • Bring music and all accessories and a pencil.
  • Performance: Saturday August 5 at 5:20pm
  • Prizegiving: Sunday August 6 at 4pm (TBC)
Repertoire for 2023 with thanks to Manukau Concert Band:
Musical Directors:

2023: Kathleen Mulligan

2022: Simon Brew