Volunteer with NZCBA

NZCBA is looking for two roles at present, a treasurer-secretary, and a funding manager.

Treasurer-Secretary Job Description

Reports to:  Finance / Governance Officer

Honoraria $2,000 per anum.

Accounting and Bookkeeping:

  • Reconciling bank transactions against the chart of accounts in Xero.
  • Filing GST returns with the Inland Revenue department.
  • Actioning accounts payable invoices and expense claims through Xero.
  • Sending invoices and managing accounts receivable through Xero.
  • Loading transactions into online banking for approval by the Executive Committee, in accordance with executive delegations.
  • Holding the society credit card and making relevant payments on behalf of the Society.
  • Ensuring that all payments have been approved by the Executive Committee (via approved budgets, delegations or committee resolutions).


  • Providing monthly financial reports to the Executive Committee.
  • Assisting the Financial Officer and other committee members with monitoring of budgets.
  • Assisting with preparation of the annual financial statements.


  • Filing the organisation’s annual return and financial statements with the Department of Internal Affairs.
  • Updating officer details on the charities website and incorporated societies website.
  • Maintaining and updating the register of members.
  • Maintaining the official society records, consisting of:
    • Annual Financial Statements;
    • Minutes of General Meetings, Committee Meetings, Committee Resolutions;
    • Register of Members;
    • Interests Register; and
    • Society Contracts.


  • Providing notice of general meetings (AGM and SGMs) along with all requisite documentation to the society membership.
  • Confirming meeting location and (where applicable) video conference link.  Confirming meeting attendances.
  • Minuting general meetings of the society and meetings of the Executive Committee.
  • Confirming the minutes of meetings with the chairperson of the meeting and circulating copies of the minutes once finalised.


  • Monitoring the enquiring mailbox and forwarding requests through to the relevant society officer (if required) or responding to queries directly.

Funding and Relations Manager Job Description

Reports to:  President / Finance Officer

Honoraria:  $2,000 per anum with additional payments on receipt of successful funding.


  • Identify opportunities for grant applications.
  • Maintain a granting calendar of important funding dates.
  • Coordinate with the Financial Officer items to apply for grants and funding for.
  • Complete the grant applications on behalf of NZCBA.
  • Complete any reporting process required in respect of successful funding. 


  • Act as the primary point of contact between NZCBA and key sponsors and partners.
    • This includes instrument repair and sales teams, as well as the Navy Band/RNZ Air Force Band.
  • Set the sponsorship package and agree with sponsors the level of funding they will provide and the benefits of that funding.
  • Coordinate sponsor’s involvement with NZCBA events throughout the year.

Governance (if an Officer of the Society):

  • Attend meetings of the Executive Committee.
  • Approve Bylaws/policies.
  • Approve national budget, review financial reports.