Festival Guidelines and Rules 2022


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Eligibility and Registration 

  • All bands are welcome to perform 
  • Registrations close at 5pm 31st May 2022. 
  • Last date for payment is 5pm 30th June. 
  • Requests for preferences regarding scheduling times will be considered at the organising committee’s discretion. 
  • Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of NZCBA Committee in conjunction with Festival organisers. 
  • Withdrawal of a band, ensemble, or soloist four weeks prior to Festival will result in a full refund of registration fees.  Withdrawals one week before Festival will result in a 90% refund. 
  • All decisions regarding the application and administration of Festival Guidelines and Rules are at the discretion of NZCBA Executive. 
  • It is expected that bands attending Festival will support other bands by staying and watching other performances in the auditorium.  Turning up just to perform and promptly departing is not in the spirit of this event. 

Band Performances 

  • Allocated total “performance” time is 30 minutes including set-up time and exiting the stage.   
  • A band’s performance time starts at your allocated time in the programme or as soon as the last member of the preceding band leaves the stage (whichever is later) and ends when the last member of your band leaves the stage.  We recommend a maximum playing time of 20 minutes to allow sufficient time for setup and exiting the stage. 
  • Groups exceeding the time limit will be adjudicated but will not be eligible for any of the major awards. 

Solo and Ensemble Performances 

  • Allocated total “performance” time is 10 minutes including set-up time, tuning, and exiting the stage.  
  • Solo performance:  Each band may nominate up to three soloists to represent their band by playing a solo piece of their choice.  The soloist is responsible for their own accompanist.  A piano will be provided. 
  • Ensemble performance:  Each band may nominate up to three ensembles which will consist of a maximum of 10 players. 
  • If, after initial registrations, additional slots are available in the schedule, bands will be notified and may enter additional solos or ensembles as time permits. 

Substitute or “ring-in” Musicians 

  • In the spirit of amateur music making, a band member will be a person who is part of the normal Festival rehearsal process and preparation of the band.  The practice of engaging or inviting musician, who have not been part of the ongoing rehearsal process to join the band just for Festival is discouraged. 
  • Substitute players who are not bona fide band members will be allowed if, for unforeseen reasons, this is necessary for a band or ensemble to perform, however, the group will not be eligible for major awards.   
  • Complaints regarding the use of “ring-in” musicians must be in writing to NZCBA Executive within 14 days of Festival conclusion.  

Music and Scores 

  • Each band manager will provide two sets of scores for each piece to be performed, one for each adjudicator.  Mark each score clearly with your band name (and soloist or ensemble name when applicable) 
  • Scores for bands must be in order, and it is a good idea to have them bound in a spiral binder for ease of adjudication. 
  • Any music not picked up from Reception desk at the conclusion of Festival will be disposed of.  
  • A band, ensemble, or soloist must own or have in their possession an original score of any piece they will be playing which is under copy-write protection. 


  • Each band, soloist, and ensemble will be adjudicated and awarded either Bronze, Silver, or Gold award. 
  • In addition, the following major awards will be presented…. 

Major Concert Band Awards 

Royal New Zealand Navy Band Trophy – Outstanding Performance by a Band 

Robert Lutt Trophy – Outstanding Performance of a Select Piece 

David Chaulk Memorial Award – Best Performance of a New Zealand Work 

Spirit of the Festival – A band that embodies the spirit of Festival 

Other Concert Band Awards 

Adjudicator’s Commendation for a Bronze Band 

Adjudicator’s Commendation for a Silver Band 

Adjudicator’s Commendation for a Gold Band 

Excellent performance of an Original Concert Band Work 

Excellent Performance of an Entertaining Work 

Excellent Performance of a Work Arranged for Concert Band 

Most Engaging Soloist in a Band Performance 

Solo Awards 

R & J Massey Trophy – Outstanding performance by a soloist 

Best Soloist in School Student Category 

Best Soloist in Tertiary Category 

Best Soloist in Open Category 

Chris Johnson Solo Award – Awarded to a soloist in Open Category, who is having a go, based on based on the ‘feel good or tingle factor’ for the adjudicator.  Donated by Rosemary Johnson. 

Ensemble Awards  

Royal New Zealand Air Force Trophy – Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble 

Bernard Watson Ensemble Award – An ensemble that gives the adjudicator that ‘feel good or tingle factor’.  Donated by Rosemary Johnson