AGM 2021

A message from Anthony Yelavich, NZCBA President:

Dear members

Notice of NZCBA AGM

The 2021 NZCBA Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 31 October at 3.00pm.  The meeting will be held as much in person as Covid-19 Alert Levels allow, and will be accessible at the following Zoom link at the same time – for security we’ll put the meeting ID and Password up on the day of the AGM:


The agenda for this year’s AGM is:

  1. President’s report
  2. Treasurer’s report
  3. Constitutional replacement
  4. Election of officials
  5. General Business

We are aiming to circulate the reports to you by Sunday 17 October.  If you have any general business you would like the AGM to consider, please email me by 17 October 2021, outlining the topic and any proposal. 

Proxy forms

As the constitution currently does not allow meetings to be conducted entirely over a virtual setting we will need to use a proxy voting system.  A proxy form will be emailed to you on 24 October 2021, and you can indicate your voting intentions and appoint one of three proxies.  If the Covid-19 alert levels or other government restrictions mean that no physical AGM is able to be held, I will be automatically be appointed the proxy of every member.

You or a member of your band does not need to attend the AGM if if you fill out a proxy form, however, we do encourage all members to attend and/or tune in.

Constitution replacement

After 12 months of work, the Executive has approved a form of constitution that updates and modernises the current NZCBA constitution. 

NZCBA is currently confirming legal advice in respect of the constitution, which has been drafted to be compliant with the pending Incorproated Societies Act reforms.  As a part of this process, NZCBA will be confirming a template that can be used for its member bands.

For further information or to receive copies of documents please email Anthony at

Election of officials

Nominations are now open for the executive committee and will close on 23 October 2021.  If the new constitution is adopted, there will be seven positions availble (one being the position of president).  All candidates must be nominated by a member band and may include a short bio which will be included in any voting materials sent to members.

Further updates

Further updates will be sent via email and posted on the website. 


If you have any questions or comments about the AGM or any part of this email, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.  If you no longer represent a member organisation, please advise and let us know who we should contact.

Ngā mihi,


Anthony Yelavich | President | New Zealand Concert Bands Association

 +64 21 237 8688