Adjudicators and Workshops


We are delighted to announce our first adjudicator for Bands: Beth Cohen

Beth Cohen graduated in music from Brandeis University and earned a master’s degree in orchestral conducting from the University of Wisconsin (USA). She  worked for over 30 years throughout the New York City metropolitan area where she gained a reputation as an enthusiastic, energetic, and dedicated educator and conductor. 

Beth made her Carnegie Hall debut with the Manhattan Philharmonic and subsequently conducted the New American Chamber Orchestra, Inter Schools Orchestras of NY and Stevens University Orchestra.  Beth’s work as a conductor was highlighted on CBS News 60 minutes the New York Times Magazine and other national publications and reviewed by the New York Times. 

Beth is founding Music Director of the non-profit Youth Music Group and was CEO of the for-profit educational consulting company, Cohen Arts & Education.

Since emigrating to NZ, Beth has conducted Saint Matthews Chamber Orchestra, Dunedin Youth Orchestra, Christchurch School of Music Camerata Strings and ISO Orchestras, Canterbury Regional Schools Orchestra, Resonance Orchestra, APO “Play in South” and outreach concerts, and has served as orchestra and bands adjudicator of the KBB Music Festival. She currently serves as conductor of Christchurch’s Garden City Orchestra and Auckland’s Victorious March Band which recently earned Gold at Festival 2019 Auckland.  Beth is scheduled to guest conduct the Nelson Symphony Orchestra in 2023.

She has recently completed her PhD at the University of Canterbury entitled: “Classical music and audience engagement: Updating the Bernstein model”.

More about Beth’s work can be found at

Workshops (Times subject to confirmation)

NZCBA is focusing on providing opportunities for growth of our bands, conductors and their players.

Band Workshops: All day Saturday, Sunday morning

Dr Kevin Cameron will be running workshops for bands on Saturday and Sunday morning. In these workshops, bands will work through a piece chosen by the band (not a Festival performance piece). Kevin is passionate about concert bands and wishes each person involved to grow musically and personally in this encounter. He has a phenomenal depth of knowledge which he shares with compassion and clarity. These workshops will be 45 minutes long, including set up and departure, and must run to a tight schedule.

Instrument Workshops: Sunday 10:00 – 11:45am

The workshops will be lead by expert instrumentalists from amongst our band community and wider. Workshops require musicians to bring their instruments (and a stand). The tutor will run the workshop as a rehearsal of a short ensemble piece, in up to four or five parts. Through the piece participants will explore aspects particular to their instrument eg special fingerings, tunings, how to decrescendo beautifully.

  • Flute – Luca Manghi
  • Clarinet –
  • Double Reeds –
  • Saxophones – Michael Jamieson
  • Trumpet –
  • Horn – Tom Chester
  • Low Brass –
  • Percussion –

Conductor Workshops: Sunday 10:00 – 10:45am/10:45-11:30

Kevin Cameron will two 45 minute workshops to support the work of our conductors. He is reflecting on what will be the most useful and will advise us soon, but his tool bag is full of insightful and encouraging topics which we know will be invaluable to our musical directors. All welcome.