NZYSW Past Events

Summer 2018 Event Jan 23 to 26

The band lived at Epsom Girls Grammar School hostel, rehearsed at St Cuthbert’s College, and performed two concerts: Raye Freedman Arts Centre and an outdoor summer concert at Auckland Domain Rotunda.

Musical Director: Dr Kevin Cameron

Some testimonials:

“Kevin was an amazing musical director and I thoroughly enjoyed rehearsals. All the things he said in between playing were extremely helpful and he made us all sound our best.”

“Was great! I love how he (Kevin Cameron) taught as well as conducted.”

“Kevin did an amazing job. I learnt so many different things. I particularly liked how he used the whiteboard to explain things visually. I think he also set a good atmosphere. He was serious when he needed us too, but also made it lots of fun.”

“Kevin was incredibly insightful and an excellent MD. Had a clear understanding of what each piece demanded and worked he well to ensure that we met these demands as a cohesive ensemble. Practices felt efficient and productive”

Winter 2018 Event July

The band played in Palmerston North at PNBHS Speirs Centre, and then again in Wellington at St Andrews on the Terrace.  Simon Brew, our MD, kept the energy high with his enthusiasm and passion.  He also got us tickets to see NZSO which was a fabulous treat.  While in Wellington, a game of laser tag got our blood moving, and we had an experience making a professional recording on Saturday morning before we broke up.

Summer 2018 Event Jan 23 – 26

Read about the concerts here, or see for yourself!

This concert filmed at The University of Auckland, School of Music Theatre, on Thursday January 25.

The band also appeared as part of Summer in the Square, with a lunchtime performance in Aotea Square on January 26.