Scholarships and Sponsors

NZCBA is dedicated to ensuring eligible musicians can participate in NZYSW and recognise that financial constraints often impact involvement, particularly for university students. We are seeking sponsors of ‘seats’ within the band and invite our supporters to offer scholarships, tax deductible, of $250.

Our first ever scholarship is offered to a TUBA player for Winter Event 2019. This $250 scholarship is sponsored by Kan Murphy Trust (Dr Toot – Mia Kan and Sean Murphy). Alex Alford is the recipient of this for Winter Event 2019.

Note: NZCBA will select recipients of scholarships. The decision is solely at the discretion of NZCBA Executive using criterion such as skill level, financial circumstances, dependence from parents, rarity of players.

Pub Charity sponsors our Musical Director
Winter Event 2019 Christchurch is gratefully supported by The Southern Trust