As we come into late April there are many updates from me about the incredible work that has been happening behind the scenes here at the NZCBA. Many exciting projects are underway and as your president, I would like to tell you a little more about them. Many are still in their infancy, so will not appear in any sort of tangible way for quite some time, however the initial work is all being done and the team are hard at work getting those quavers nicely aligned.

As many will have seen from both Facebook and our website, Festival 2021 registrations are now open. This year the festival will take place in Napier as it was meant to last year. Covid meant that we could not hold our annual festival last year, much to the disappointment of our host band and the banding community in and around Napier and the Hawkes Bay. But this year, we will be there. 
You can find the registration form for festival 2021 here.
More information will become available as details are confirmed. Keep an eye on the website and social media for updates.

The community outreach sub-committee is hard at work organising Band Weekends for this banding season. Band Weekends are a fun filled, immersive experience for anyone who participates. Our last band weekend happened in Whangarei under the baton of skilled conductor and excellent musician, Simon Brew who lead that group of musicians through some classic band repertoire. Culminating in a concert, which from my seat in the audience was most enjoyable and the setting in the Whangarei Old Library space was interesting both acoustically and in aesthetic. 
These are the experiences that build our community and I encourage anyone and everyone to find themselves taking part in these events. Be bold, and make music.

The NZCBA is grateful to Microsoft Non-profit services for their generous donation of Microsoft Office Business Premium licenses for our executive team to use in their work. These licenses come with extensive productivity tools that have helped push our productivity output and allowed us to restructure our processes in a more modern way. The website is undergoing extensive change over an extended period of time. This work is keeping our Digital Content Lead very busy and sometimes means that information may be missing or unavailable, however we will always have the most up-to-date information available at any given time so if the info is missing, just flick us an email or contact us through the “Contact Us” button.

This interest in the digital space opens up new possibilities in our future. As the organisation becomes more adept at offering resources and information through digital mediums, we also take the opportunity to up-skill our people and give back to those that offer their time and effort to make the organisation run. To this end, I would remind everyone that the NZCBA AGM happens at the annual festival, this year taking place in Napier. If you have ever thought about giving your time and talents to the executive, we would welcome the notion. Please consider taking part.

It is my wish that the banding community is connected. Connected to the executive, connected to each other. Connected to other musicians nationwide and as much as possible, connected to the international banding community. I have reflected on how I can remain connected to you, as your president, while distance and time are a very real barrier to overcome. In an effort to crush these challenges, I have created two fun ways that I hope to remain connected with you. 
From the Presidents Desk
From the Presidents Desk is my own personal feed where I make announcements, talk about issues that we are facing and generally just chronicle my time here as your president. This feed can be found on my page on our website here.
Today on spotify
Today on spotify is a Spotify playlist of songs available through the From The Presidents Desk section of our website. It is a feed of the music that I am listening to on that day. I feel that you learn so much about a person from the music they like to listen to and well, I think my listening is wide and wonderful so there is bound to be something there for any person, on any given day. Come listen with me. 

This is the first monthly address of a series of addresses that I will be making to update you all on the projects that are happening across our organisation. I hope you have a safe and music filled ANZAC and I cannot wait to deliver another update in May.

Rangimakehu Hall
New Zealand Concert Bands Association