Kiwi-Beat: West City Concert Band

WCCB – Life begins at 40!

By Shelly Moore


There’s a hush as we file on to the stage. One by one we emerge, holding everything from a tiny high-pitched piccolo to the big thundery tubas; from the delicate subtlety of the French horns to the blasting majesty from a wall of trumpets. A rich assortment of instruments played by over 40 members, including original foundation members – and young people – and everything in between!

Life begins at 40, so the saying goes. West City Concert Band was founded 40 years ago as an opportunity for musicians from all walks of life to participate collectively and improve their musical skills. The Westerly focus ensures many of us are local, but we attract musicians from the wider community all over Auckland.

For some of us, joining West City Concert Band has allowed a revisiting of musical skills that had long since gathered dust. Busy lives earning money and bringing up families leave little in the way of valuable time to pursue “higher activities” like the Arts. Music is a hobby, pleasure, passion, a way of life, a life-changer even: as a life-enriching experience it can be second-to-none and all this is able to be revealed and enjoyed under the umbrella of band experiences. Our members come from all walks of life and the variety of skills brought from day jobs as diverse as teaching, accounting and law ensures that the committees driving our organisation are populated with able contributors.

Gathering weekly has become a fixture in busy calendars, playing the dots is vital and improvement brings rewards both individually and collectively. Steered by the exceptional rudder of our Musical Director (Chad Davenport) who brings scope, vision and a can-do attitude, the band has reaped such riches as glittering gold competition prizes and kudos a-plenty. The band’s Gold awards at the previous two NZCBA festivals reflects the high calibre of playing achieved in the past couple of years. Our upcoming birthday concert will be a celebration of all that has gone before and all that is yet to come… with our Concert Band, Big Band, Dancers, Cheese Platters, and a Birthday Cake!


West City Concert Band 40th Birthday Bash

$20 per person

28th May 2016

Croatian Club, McLeod Rd,Te Atatu

For tickets, email: